Buck Bryan

It is often said that we grow too soon old and too late smart, and my doing business with the firm entitled CMJ is a fine example of that saying.

My regular job for 38 years was that of flying various types and models of aircraft, but as a constant sideline, I was quite engaged in the Stock Market, and in the Real Estate business, the buying and management of real estate rental units until it came time to sell some of the rentals, except for one which is now my personal residence on Lake George. At first, I did it all, including overall management, and the filing of tax returns for all of the income and costs. It was a lot of work, but along came a person named Paul Curtis, (the C of CMJ) whom I met when he was still working for someone else, back in the mid-1980s.

I immediately was impressed with Paul’s expertise, and when (1988) he started his own firm, with two other fellows, I followed him, and never looked back. I am still (2018) doing business with him and his outstanding staff, and I make no “final” moves (stock market and/or real estate) until I confer with him, and/or one of his staff members he assigns to me.

I could not have become a self-made multi-millionaire without his expert guidance, and I am proud to say that his name is on the top of my self-created “A” TEAM FOR FINANCIAL GUIDANCE.