CMJ, LLP Achieves Highest Peer Review

Paul Curtis, CPA, CVA, CM&AA, and Bill Jeffreys, CPA, CVA, partners in the Certified Public Accounting Firm of CMJ, LLP, are pleased to announce the firm has successfully completed an independent peer review of its accounting and auditing practice. The reviewer concluded that the firm’s system of quality control for the accounting and auditing practice has been suitably designed and complied with to provide the firm with reasonable assurance of performing and reporting in conformity with applicable professionals standards in all material respects.

“Paul Curtis, Managing Partner, and I are very proud that we have maintained the highest standards and quality as confirmed by the Peer Review,” said Bill Jeffreys, Sr. Audit Partner. “The honor of highest standing is representative of the professionalism and accomplishments of our staff.”

The peer review, required every three years by the American Institute of Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA), was conducted by a CPA firm from Rochester, NY. The review included an assessment of the firm’s quality control policies and procedures, hiring practices, training, and supervision. Reviewers also inspected the firm’s administrative files and records and interviewed professional personnel. The reviewers’ report is on public file maintained by the AICPA.

Participation in the peer review program is part of the firm’s commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and quality.

Mr. Jeffreys continued “CMJ is not your typical accounting firm. We perform as a cohesive team to offer the full scope of services you would expect from a company that is known for solutions that allow your business to succeed.”