Mergers and Acquisitions Services for Albany Area Businesses

CMJ can act as advisor and negotiator for business owners that want to either sell or acquire an existing business operation. We specialize in planning, structuring and negotiating business transactions.

Our firm advises sellers on how to plan and groom a business for sale and in the case of an acquisition, determine the pitfalls of acquiring the particular business. We start by researching and evaluating the target business, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, growth potential and fair value. We develop a negotiation strategy, coordinate advisors and coach you through the process from start to finish.

In negotiating the sale of a company, CMJ performs a preliminary evaluation of assets of the entity to be sold, including goodwill. We develop a selling strategy and identify and research strategic buyers. We can negotiate acquisition terms, assist attorneys and principals with contract issues, assist in closing and accounting for the sale, and provide personal financial planning services after closing.